Thursday, April 29, 2021

Jamgon Kongtrul's exit from the abusive 'monastery' and from his life as a 'tulku'

He'd repeatedly run away. Did something bad that ended up in court. Was self mutilating by burning himself, had suicidal ideation. He mentions he had good reasons to leave. He sounds pretty desperate.

Sounds like classic symptoms of trauma.

It sounds like he was the subject of a smear campaign by the administrators, lies that he had run away with a girl.

"My friends have been complaining about, how they have been threatened by the people in the labrang and have been a victim of verbal abuse. How long will they sustain this politics? They also have a life of their own. Why are they being dragged into this? Few friends have left me, cause of the way the people in labrang treated them, after they supported me, some
even sustained physical abuse.

The way they treated me and my friends, how can they even expect me to return?"

Follow up:

Hello everyone , some rough years have past hasn’t been easy in many ways. Some of you might be thinking I am in medical college but I am not , I didn’t having any formal education prior so I couldn’t just go into medical college but my hopes were high to find a way.
After looking for a while I found an open school that I could do my secondary studies and get my certificates to study further ! I did study later on but after a while I faced many issues and had to leave Delhi so it all stopped.
Also wanted to share sometime with you all !
I have heard individuals are using my name and title to collect money to misuse, please be aware !
I am not living a lavish lifestyle I work for a production company taking Ad videos and editing but hearing people using my name to solicit money has disappointed me a lot.
Lastly my faith and devotion towards H.H , all the great masters still stands the same and can never be altered !
This lifestyle hasn’t been easy but it has opened up a whole knew world to me and has helped me really understand the need and importance of loving care ,compassion and the dharma !
Thank you all for your continuous love and encouragement 🙏

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